A Change of Plans, or Adaptability

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When I was in California, I finally had a chance to do something I’d been wanting to do for a while. Julie’s cousin Jillian and her boyfriend Steven have started their own line of hair and beard products for men. It’s called Port City Pomade, and I’ve been trying to find time to take some product photos for […]

Preview of My Shoot with Kaitlin

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I’m back in Phoenix after my unexpectedly long and slightly weird trip to California… and I come bearing photos! I had an impromptu opportunity to shoot with the very beautiful and very friendly Kaitlin Drake while I was up there. She was awesome to work with, and I’m excited to finish editing all of the photos. There’s much […]

Back to California


I’ll be packing up today and heading out tonight on my way to Northern California. This trip was actually planned much further in advance than most trips I’ve taken before. I attribute that to the organizational skills that running my business has required me to learn. Before I had my business, everything I did was spur-of-the-moment. That’s […]

Hello, World!

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Hello! So I’ve decided to start a blog. I’ve started a few personal blogs in the past, but they fell to the wayside when I got too distracted with life. This one will be different, though. Not just in that I won’t let it go inactive, but also in that it will be a hybrid […]